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Challenges some dyslexic new school leavers face

  • Not having any career direction once finishing school.
  • Have little to no confidence.
  • Not aware of the pathways they can take.
  • People think they are lazy because they struggle to do certain tasks properly.
  • Afraid to open up about what problems they face as they are afraid of what others might think.
  • Not aware of technology that is available for them to excel.
  • What areas they could potentially excel in.
  • Not knowing how to get into a career they are passionate about.

When I speak to a range of different dyslexic new school leavers or their parents, they all say that they are told in school that if you don't get the best marks to get into university then you will never become successful.

I was also brought up on that way of thinking and I find a lot of dyslexic people lack the confidence to follow their dreams and prove to the world what great skills they really have.

Dyslexic people have always had to fit into a world that doesn't understand their way of learning and because of this they are constantly faced with challenges and failure which can lower self-esteem and stop you from stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Not getting the best marks isn't the end of the world and there are so many different ways to achieve great things in your career and life.

What we do to solve these challenges

At Evolution In Leadership, we don't see dyslexia as a learning disability at all, rather dyslexic people just learn differently. Dyslexia is actually a gift and dyslexic people often excel in whatever they put their minds to and entering the workforce is where you can utilize your strengths and achieve so many great things.

We help dyslexic new school leavers such as yourself, find the key skills you can use to achieve success in your career.

We help you to embrace the skills you have and work with you to create a personal career plan and coach you in certain areas to help build the skills and confidence needed to succeed.

By working with us and getting a clearer understanding of how great being dyslexic can be, it’s going to help you become the person you want to be.

As our client, you will start by having a one-on-one online interview with one of our consultants and this will enable us to identify the areas in which you most need guidance.

We then compile the information into a plan which will then be used as a guide you will work through with your consultant.

By having a clear, effective plan and your own personal coach, it will make it easier for you to reach your goals sooner.


To find out more about how we can help and book a free 30-minute video webinar or phone call please contact us via the button below and leave your details so we can organise a time that suits you.

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