10 Steps to help Dyslexic Entrepreneurs

Continuing on from my most recent blog “Why more dyslexic people should go into business”, I wanted to go more in-depth about what steps dyslexic entrepreneurs should take.

Ever since I started becoming a career coach for people with dyslexia, I have found that many people don’t have an understanding of the key steps on how to become an entrepreneur.

A big reason I want to talk more about this, is that I feel with the right guidance and support, dyslexic people often end up going on to achieve extraordinary results in careers, business and leadership.

Famous and successful people with dyslexia have all been down the same road as we have and by having the right tools and support they have been able to achieve great results.

If you are a person with dyslexia, here are 10 steps on how to become an entrepreneur.

how to become an entrepreneur

1.       Have a plan.

First of all, if you want to know how to become an entrepreneur you need to have a plan.  It amazes me when I speak to so many entrepreneurs out there and they don’t have any plan in place.  Not having a plan in place can be a major misstep. A plan can give you a good understanding of certain areas you need to work on and develop.

When you really break it down, you can have a number of different plans that can help you in certain sections of your business.  These can include a business plan, marketing plans, professional development plans (which can be crucial when you’re a dyslexic professional) and any other type of plan that you see fit for your business.


2.       Have good support around you.

What I have found that has helped me more than anything else, is having good support around me.  This has included people like my girlfriend and my parents and also a range of different coaches and mentors that I have discovered over time.

When I’ve been frustrated because of my dyslexia because I might not have been able to complete a task, it has been good to refer to my networks who have been able to help me through these challenging times.

I’ve also been able to ask my family and friends to give me feedback on certain types of information or get help when I need something to be checked, for example this blog post.

Having a good support network can also mean building a fantastic team within a workplace environment.


3.       Build a network.


What I find with a lot of entrepreneurs, regardless if they are dyslexic or not, is that they still don’t see the benefit of building a network.

One of the big issues I find with networking is that a lot of entrepreneurs only stick to their own industry, which then limits them from other opportunities that could come from knowing people in other business sectors. So always reach out to other industries besides your own.

Having a large network enables more doors to be opened to an endless amount of opportunities.


4.       Find out what technology is available to help you excel.

Being able to use the right technology as a dyslexic entrepreneur will help you excel in areas that you might not have been able to excel in before.

This can include sending or reading emails, text messages and even knowing how to leave notes for yourself.

I will admit that when you first start using new technology it can be difficult as you may not be used to it. But once you get an understanding of how it works and implement it into your daily work practices, you will not be able to live life without it.

Such programs on the market are Grammarly, Speechify, voice recognition tools and a range of others to help make your life as a dyslexic entrepreneur easier.


5.       Build your professional brand.

Building a professional brand is one of the key steps to becoming a dyslexic entrepreneur, it is a great way for people to understand you for you and it is also great to showcase everything that you are good at.

What I found over time while building a professional brand, is that once people know who you are and respect you, being dyslexic doesn’t mean anything.  As everyone associated with your brand will only be focused on who you are and what awesome things you can do.


6.       Build a following on social media.

dyslexic entrepreneurs

Building a following on social media is another key step for dyslexic entrepreneurs. This is because when building new networks it can be very daunting to have to approach new people.

What I have found with a lot of dyslexic entrepreneurs is that after years of rejection, it can be hard for us to gain the courage to talk to new people out of fear of rejection.

The best thing about social media is that you can start building professional relationships and create a following before you start to meet people in person.  By doing this you are able to get a good understanding of the types of people you’d work well with.

This is also a good way to build a professional brand as well, as you can use your social media platforms to post pictures, write blogs, and show people your knowledge through videos while also interacting with others and building online relationships.

The only issue some dyslexic entrepreneurs might face with social media is that they may make some mistakes with spelling and grammar, but with the help of new technology, this has definitely made it easier for us.


7.       Be open to feedback and ask questions.

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur you have to be open to feedback.  Trial and error and making mistakes is what it’s all about when you are learning how to become an entrepreneur.

Making mistakes is the only way you’re going to get better. Asking questions when you don’t know something is going to help you get to where you want to be faster.

I meet so many entrepreneurs that are afraid to listen and be open to feedback and it is safe to say they are no further along than when they first began.  If you look at a lot of the successful entrepreneurs in the world, being open to feedback was what helped them to succeed.

So for anyone wanting to be a successful entrepreneur you should welcome feedback with open arms.


8.       Always be open to learning.

It’s interesting when I see a lot of people leaving school or finishing extra study, they think that they will never have to learn anything new again.  To be a successful entrepreneur you should be constantly learning and never stop.

This is because you can never know enough as the world is constantly changing and producing new ways of doing things and creating new technology.

I remember I once used to hate reading, but now with the help of new technology that can scan my books and read them back to me, I am finding I am learning so much more than ever before.

Learning new things can be time-consuming, but whenever you get the chance, for example, catching a bus or train to work, use that time to learn something new.


9.       Build on your leadership skills.

The one thing I see with lots of companies is that they lack the leadership skills to help them achieve their greatest work. With a lot of the topics I have already covered, being a great leader is what is going to make you and your business stand out from the rest.

A lot of people confuse leadership with a title like a manager, but really it’s about your actions and your attitude towards everything.

I have often found that dyslexic people have natural leadership skills as we’ve had to deal with a world that lacks leadership and guidance. This has helped us to better understand the right ways to lead people. We are able to help others, like our staff or team members, go on to become great leaders themselves.

famous and successful people with dyslexia

So leadership should be no 1.


10.   Having a coach.

Reading through all of the steps is probably a little bit confronting especially when first learning how to become an entrepreneur. What I have found is that having a coach can be extremely helpful.  By having a coach that understood my strengths and weaknesses we were able to concentrate on areas that would help me progress in my business.

By having a coach you are also able to ask questions and get advice on areas you might not be comfortable with. I have also found that by having a coach it can make most tasks more streamline and makes reaching goals easier.

Having a coach does cost money, but not having a coach will cost you even more from making mistakes and not knowing how to rectify them.

You will find that successful and famous people with dyslexia who have gone on to build some of the largest companies in the world, still have coaches that help them with many different things in their careers and business.


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We are passionate about helping dyslexic entrepreneurs gain the confidence to reach their goals and build businesses that will help them become the person they have always dreamed of becoming.