Why successful entrepreneurs are often dyslexic

It’s interesting when I read about successful entrepreneurs, to see just how many are dyslexic.

I also find it uplifting and motivating that a lot of these dyslexic entrepreneurs talk about how being dyslexic has helped them get to where they are today.

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I know for myself that being dyslexic and choosing to be an entrepreneur has been the best decision I’ve ever made.  This is because I can align everything to my strengths and work within a boundary that I feel comfortable with.

During this blog, I want to go through a range of different skills that successful entrepreneurs have, especially when they are dyslexic.

I also want to go through some ideas for entrepreneurs that will help give us a head start in our careers and business life.

Here are some reasons why successful dyslexic entrepreneurs can be great at what they do.


Can build great teams and work environments.

What I have learnt over the years and what I’ve seen from other dyslexic entrepreneurs is that having a great team and working environment plays a huge role in our success.

A reason why I’ve found this important is that for many years I have been in environments that consisted of people almost working against each other and I was always made to feel excluded because I struggled with simple tasks.  That’s why now I’m huge on forming teams that are able to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and meet our objectives sooner.


Can communicate their vision. 

Communication for dyslexic people is one of our greatest strengths, that’s why as entrepreneurs we can communicate a vision to pinpoint accuracy.  By being able to have this ability to communicate effectively with our team members it makes it easy for them to understand the vision and the direction the business will be heading.


dyslexic entrepreneurs

Great at innovative thinking

One of the best things I love about being in business is that you’re constantly faced with challenges.

Being dyslexic and having to face challenges on a day-to-day basis not only makes being an entrepreneur interesting, but it lets me work to one of my strengths and that’s being an innovative thinker.

A big reason why dyslexic entrepreneurs are such fantastic innovative thinkers is that it’s something we’ve had to do our whole lives.  Now that I am more aware of how my dyslexic abilities work, it is clear to me how they have developed over time.

Being given tasks that were never properly explained during school and our early careers, a lot of us have always had to find different ways to complete tasks.

Now that we are in business, this is one of the prime examples of how being dyslexic gives us a better advantage compared to others.


We love helping others

If there’s one thing I love seeing, it’s when others succeed in what they set out to achieve.

This is because during our lives we’ve been faced with constant problems because of our dyslexia or because others don’t understand how we learn.

This is why a lot of successful entrepreneurs who are dyslexic are often very supportive and are very open to helping others.

I know for myself being an entrepreneur I am always reaching out to other dyslexic entrepreneurs who are always willing to give me the time of day no matter how busy they are.  This is because they understand the struggles and know how highly skilled dyslexic people are. 


Not afraid to fail

It’s common knowledge that if you want to succeed in business you must take risks and be prepared to fail.

When I speak to a lot of entrepreneurs they’ll tell me about their fear of failure and how they want to avoid it at all costs.  More than anything failure should be your best friend and learning from your mistakes is what will help you to succeed in business.

Being dyslexic, especially at school, failure was a common occurrence in most things I did.  That’s why now being in business I am always open to failure, as it’s something I’ve dealt with my whole life.

So now that I’m in business why would failing be any different?


What you should start doing before you become an entrepreneur

ideas for entrepreneurs

If you are dyslexic and you want to become an entrepreneur I highly recommend it, but be mindful that owning and running your own business is difficult.  Even when you look at famous dyslexic entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and a range of other successful entrepreneurs, they will tell you that getting to the top was never easy.


If you feel you have everything it takes to start a business and become an entrepreneur, it’s really important to be as well prepared as possible and don’t be afraid to reach out to others who can give you ideas and help you reach your goals sooner.

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