How to be a leader over the Christmas party period

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With the year coming to an end, most workplaces are getting ready for their end of year party. Having an end of year party is a great way to get all the company employees together and celebrate all the hard work that has been put in during the year.

Unfortunately, for some, this can turn out to be a career-threatening or career ending experience, due to the actions that some people take when caught up in the moment.

Such things to avoid;

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  • Falling over drunk

  • Throwing up where people can see you

  • Boisterous behavior and breaking things

  • Dressing inappropriately and revealing too much

  • Getting naked

  • Stealing alcohol once the party has finished

  • Hitting on or flirting with the partners of other staff members

  • Having a one-off fling with another staff member

  • Getting aggressive with other staff members or being arrested

  • Lecturing the boss

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When in a leadership role in your workplace, it’s your job to set the standard and maintain a professional atmosphere while ensuring everyone still has a good time at all events.

Before the event, it would be wise to let your team members know about company standards and even sexual misconduct and what the repercussions of breaking these rules are.

As part of this you could even hold a company meeting before the Christmas party and once you have gone over all the ground rules and expectations, you could have all employees sign off to ensure they have an understanding and agree to all the terms and conditions before the event.

While at the event it’s important to still maintain your professionalism as one of the leaders of the company.

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This could include things like;

  • Staying away from office gossip

  • Not drinking too much and keeping a clear head

  • Dressing appropriately

  • Not trapping people into very long conversations

  • Not leaving too early

  • Making sure that you attend

  • Mingle with others

  • Always have one hand free to shake people’s hands

  • Bring a present to the host of the party

  • If you see someone standing on their own, go over and talk to them

  • If a team member does get affected by too much partying, make sure they are alright and ensure they get home safely

More than anything, you want to make sure that everyone has a safe enjoyable time and the party is a great success. Being a leader and giving support is always going to play a big role in gaining the respect from the people you lead and ensures that the following year will be as successful as the year just ending.

By following these rules I hope it will give you some sort of a guideline on how to be a leader at your company Christmas party this year, so you are able to hit the ground running next year.

Below I have attached a funny YouTube clip on some things not to do while at your company Christmas party.
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